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In addition to economic aspects, the uvex group primarily focuses on taking sustainability aspects into account for all important decisions. This allows the ambitious goals defined in our sustainability strategy to be achieved more effectively, in addition to the development of sustainable practices as a matter of course. To this end, company processes must be reviewed and management processes adapted, while employees must also be supported as they acquire the expertise needed to integrate sustainability aspects in their everyday work, so that they can more effectively grasp the complex mix of economic, ecological and social factors that go into responsible business operations.  

Due to the broad spectrum of sustainability aspects, we concentrate on the key aspects to which we can make the greatest contribution. A materiality analysis was used to determine these key focus areas. This is a strategic analysis tool that helps to identify the most pressing sustainability issues for a company and its stakeholders. Four specific focus areas were identified in the uvex group’s materiality analysis. In order to take all stakeholder perspectives into account, both internal and external stakeholders were included in this process.

protecting people is our mission. protecting planet is the natural continuation of this mission when it comes to treating people, society and nature responsibly.

This transformation process is to be actively lived from within across various business areas of the uvex group and integrated in all business processes – this is the only way that our promise of greater sustainability can be credibly communicated to the outside world. For this reason, the uvex group examines, evaluates and optimises each step of the value chain in order to claim its place on the winner’s podium in the discipline of sustainability. 

GRI 102-47, 302-4, 302-5, 305-5

The uvex group is also continuing to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) into its corporate activities.


Four focus areas
Ecological transformation, social responsibility, the circular economy as a driver of innovation and a commitment to not harm the environment or human health: we have defined sustainable targets in all four focus areas.


12 principles
12 principles to guide the sustainable transformation of our business group.


Ecology Economy Social
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