Our sustainability credo: 12 principles

12 principles to guide the sustainable transformation of our business group

1. We will do all we can to ensure that CO2 emissions are not generated in the first place or kept to an absolute minimum. Where emissions are ultimately unavoidable, these are offset by certified climate protection projects.

2. We intend to continually reduce the uvex group’s direct and indirect environmental impact by adopting a careful and conscientious approach to the use of resources, reducing our water consumption and generating less waste.

3. Fresh thinking to stay ahead: new materials and circular product solutions ensure that we remain innovation leaders over the long term.

4. Our priority is protecting people. As such, the highest quality standards also apply to recyclable and bio-based materials.

5. We shall continue along our chosen path with conviction in our actions and with consistent, transparent and credible communications. 

6. We take responsibility for people and the environment and fulfil our duty of care along the supply chain.

7. Respect and fairness in all dealings throughout the company are the hallmark and basis of our corporate culture. 

8. Sustainability requires buy-in from everyone. For this reason, we are investing in building competence and awareness among our employees.

9. Through the Rainer Winter Foundation, we strive to help sick or disadvantaged children and young people in need, in a rapid, straightforward, non-bureaucratic manner.

10. Responsibility and sustainability shape our way of thinking and doing business. These will also be crucial to our future economic success. 

11. Our aim is to achieve value-orientated growth that is not merely reflected in the financial figures, but which takes account of economic, ecological and social aspects.

12. protecting people. protecting planet. With our corporate mission, we have a positive impact on both people and the environment.

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