Workplace health management

Health management at the uvex group, also known as uvex health, encompasses a broad range of programmes and initiatives aimed at promoting health based on the following five pillars:

  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Personnel management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Company integration management and
  • Social services

The uvex group's Health steering committee is establishing a systematic health management structure to ensure that the workplace and organisation are geared towards sustainably promoting the health and wellbeing of employees. Based on the five pillars outlined above, the following aspects were offered and implemented in FY 2022/23.

Mental health assessment

A mental health assessment in the form of a survey was carried out across all uvex group locations in Germany. The uvex health team in Fürth, supported by the health managers at the respective uvex sites and our health partner, the ias Group, was responsible for coordinating and implementing this mental health assessment. The results were made available to all employees, with measures to improve critical aspects now being implemented following a consultation with the management of the individual subgroups.

Hybrid health week

At the start of July 2023, the hybrid health week took place. Various health-related events were organised at the Fürth headquarters, while employees at all national sites had the opportunity to take part in additional digital health campaigns. The events were a mix of hands-on activities, webinars and analyses covering topics such as exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. In total, 190 employees took part in these activities.

Fürth office run

Following a two-year break due to Covid-19, during which the Fürth office run could only take place “virtually”, the event was again held in person in 2022. Nearly 100 runners from the uvex group braved the inclement weather to complete the course of just under 6 kilometres around the Pegnitzwiesen. As such, the uvex group once again claimed top spot for the company with the most participants in the event.

stg employee consulting

In partnership with stg, the uvex group offers all employees as well as their families in Germany free, professional and anonymous employee consulting. When an employee is facing challenges in their personal life, immediate help can be provided by way of telephone consulting. Following this, further professional help can be organised and, if requested, can be continued to support employees until the situation has been resolved/improved. Issues for which stg consulting can provide support:

  •     Stress, fatigue, burnout
  •     Conflict with colleagues, managers and other employees
  •     Addiction (e.g. alcohol, drugs, betting, working)
  •     Physical and mental illness
  •     Work-life balance issues
  •     Relationship crises, separation, divorce
  •     Dealing with conflict/illness in the family
  •     Support and care for relatives and (potential) debt issues
  •     Personal crises (bereavement, death)
Actions related to workplace health promotion

In FY 2022/23, there were again numerous opportunities in relation to workplace health promotion. Below is a selected overview of offers in this area:

  •      Monthly health tips
  •     Cycle leasing
  •     Discounted memberships at FitX fitness studios everywhere
  •     Videos on active breaks from the Health steering committee
  •     Online seminars from our health partners, the ias Group
  •     Ias health portal
  •     KKH online health coach
  •     Company sports groups
  •     Covid vaccines + flu jabs

Collaboration Experts

Communities such as the collaboration experts, first launched in FY 2016/17, offer knowledge exchange across different departments and locations. They are internally trained disseminators of digital working methods and tools, who form the interface between IT and business, generating ideas and feedback for digital working and the modern world of work. At present, the community has a total of 111 members.
Additional colleagues were again trained as Collaboration Experts and joined the community during FY 2022/23. The Collaboration Experts are represented at all German-speaking uvex sites: ALPINA Schweiz, uvex sports Austria, uvex Arbeitsschutz Schweiz, uvex safety gloves in Lüneburg, uvex safety textiles in Ellefeld, uvex sports Lederdorn, BSA in Obernzell, ALPINA in Sulzemoos und uvex sports CR in Nyrsko, Czech Republic. They share ideas on digital collaboration scenarios with colleagues on an international basis.

The Collaboration Experts regularly take part in events aimed at increasing and exchanging knowledge, as well as those dedicated to special trending topics. In so doing, they play a key role in shaping our future collaboration, always keeping up to date with the latest developments and ensuring greater transparency in collaborations. This guarantees sustainable, efficient, cross-border communication pathways, collaboration and knowledge transfer within the uvex group.

Personal development

With our personnel development measures, we support and challenge our employees specifically according to their individual needs - professionally, systematically and personally. With this, we are not only widening the spectrum of core competencies within our business, contributing to its success as a result, but we are also enabling our employees to keep up with and proactively advance developments in their professional areas.
During FY 2022/23, employees were also able to independently book external further training measures for the first time in just a matter of clicks via the Employee Self Service Semigator. As we want to encourage our employees on their individual development journeys, there are no limitations with regard to the topics in which employees can receive further training.

There have also been a few elements added to the internal range of further training measures during the reporting period. The new formats include a comprehensive training course in project management as well as the uvex Management Development Program, in which a select group of 13 young executives are supported over a period of 1.5 years to develop and realise their potential.

Digitisation of HR processes

The digitisation of HR processes is ongoing. Important and helpful tools, such as the salary app and the HR dashboard, have been developed and implemented over recent years. In FY 2022/23, we focused on digitising the AT salary and bonus round throughout Germany. Using a digital mask, the bonus round, which was previously a very time-consuming administrative task, has been simplified and standardised across all German companies. We are delighted that the process has been successful and in October 2023 we were already able to build on the experience gained from the previous year.

The uvex group as a vocational trainer

With a total of 16 different vocational training programmes and four dual study courses, the uvex group offers a varied and educational experience for our apprentices as they experience work in a wide variety of departments, thoroughly equipping them for working life. Our approach aims to facilitate a successful career start once our apprentices have completed their training. In the past financial year, all trainees successfully completed their training and those that wanted to stay with uvex were subsequently taken on.


The uvex group ensures that working life at the company reflects our protecting people philosophy by offering various family-friendly offers and measures. Across all locations, there is an opportunity to hold personal discussions to gain further information on topics such as caring for relatives and parental leave. Moreover, we like to offer our employees across Germany a gift to mark the birth of their child in addition to a little something to occupy the kids on the Day of Prayer and Repentance. With the schools closed in Bavaria on this day, employees are free to bring their children into the office, where a fun bag full of arts and crafts is provided to keep them entertained while their parents work. We also put on a wide range of events, where we offer our employees information on family-related topics. A regular, monthly family tip provides employees with great ideas for leisure activities suitable for the whole family. At our Fürth site, we have partnered with an AWO Fürth childcare centre, which also offers its services during the Easter and summer holidays.

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