The Guidelines on the Use of Company Vehicles have been updated

Since January 2020, uvex group fleet management has placed an even greater focus on fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions generated with the introduction of the updated Guidelines on the Use of Company Vehicles. More fuel-intensive vehicles naturally mean significantly higher contributions payable by employees or a need to settle for a lower specification vehicle.

An overview illustrated by the traffic light system demonstrates the positive impact of low fuel consumption on sustainability and the resultant cost advantages and disadvantages to all those in the process of acquiring a new vehicle. As a result, drivers are encouraged to opt for a vehicle with the lowest possible fuel consumption.

In financial year 2022/23, the existing Guidelines on the Use of Company Vehicles were comprehensively revised, with the aim of generating an even more drastic reduction in the current carbon footprint of the fleet.

Additional measures were successfully implemented in the uvex group with effect from January 2023, which included:

Introduction of a mobility allowance

Vehicle users (with the exception of field staff) have the option of choosing between a company car or a mobility allowance. The mobility allowance gives employees the opportunity of freely deciding whether they would prefer to use other means of transport (e.g. local public transport, e-bike) in return for attractive financial compensation terms.

Consistent reduction in mileage

All company vehicle users (again, field staff excluded) are limited to driving a maximum of 25,000 kilometres per year. In line with this, drivers are encouraged to optimise their driving behaviour accordingly.

Promotion of electromobility

The promotion of electromobility is a key aspect of our sustainability strategy. For this reason, four charging stations for electric cars and 12 charging points for e-bikes have been installed at the Fürth headquarters. In this way, the uvex group is enabling employees, customers and visitors to charge their vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.

For choosing a low-emission electric vehicle as a new car, drivers will receive a number of benefits. The aim is to gradually replace the existing vehicle fleet (conventional combustion vehicles) with fully electric vehicles.

  • Energy traffic light system for new vehicle choice: reduced fuel costs for electric vehicles lead to lower contributions payable by employees
  • Option of tax-free employer allowance for home charging points (currently EUR 70 per month)
  • Provision of a charging card that can be used throughout Germany
  • Benefits in relation to company car taxation (0.25% or 0.5% rather than 1% flat rate)
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