Rainer Winter Foundation

In 2021, donations made by the Rainer Winter Foundation totalled EUR 296,996.00. Since being founded in 1980, the foundation, which is mainly focused on the Nuremberg-Fürth region, has donated around EUR 4 million in total.

Klasse 2000

In the previous school year, the Rainer Winter Foundation supported the “Klasse 2000” project at the Pestalozzischule in Fürth. The project aims to teach primary school children all about the things they can do to stay healthy and feel good. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that improving health and wellbeing is particularly important for children now. Studies have also revealed that symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as psychosomatic issues increased among children during the pandemic. This is where the “Klasse 2000” project comes in: healthy eating, exercise, relaxation and appropriate forms of conflict resolution help to overcome challenging situations.

Emergency aid for natural disasters at home and abroad

Following the major flood disaster that struck parts of Germany in July 2021, the Rainer Winter Foundation launched an additional fundraising campaign among both employees of the uvex group and external parties in order to provide emergency aid to support the children affected and facilities for children in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berchtesgaden. According to its charter, Rainer Winter Foundation activities are exclusively dedicated to helping sick or disadvantaged children.

Thanks to the commitment and contacts of colleagues within the uvex group, the Rainer Winter Foundation was able to directly contact the affected families and provide emergency financial aid for their children:

In Schönau/Berchtesgadener Land, two children lost all their toys and clothes, while in Bad Münstereifel seven children were in need of medication and required new clothes and equipment before the start of the school year.

In Mayschoß an der Ahr, new furniture was needed for a pair of siblings, who have now moved in with their grandparents, as their own home has become uninhabitable. In Schleiden-Gemünd, a family was in need of new child seats and a pushchair, as these items were washed away in the family car that succumbed to the floodwaters. The Flohkiste child day-care centre in Leichlingen required financial support to move into temporary accommodation and new child-friendly facilities. All of the soaked furniture had to be burned after drying because the receding floodwaters left toxic residues in their wake.

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