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Sustainable skiing - that's the aim. And the DOUBLE JACK PLANET is the next step taken by ALPINA in making this vision a reality. The goggles offer a clear view of all obstacles ahead, from icy patches to hazards caused by global warming. Speaking of global warming: DOUBLE JACK PLANET are the most sustainable ski goggles ALPINA has ever developed. Made in the EU.

Never before have ALPINA goggles had a lower carbon footprint! All components of the DOUBLE JACK PLANET have a sustainable element to them. And that’s unique. The body, lenses and foam are all made from organic oils, while recycled plastics such as fishing nets are used for the straps and attachments. The finished pairs of ski goggles are packaged and delivered in grass-based cardboard.

In harmony with nature



Where there is sunshine, nature is never far away. It’s important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. So that you can enjoy sports in harmony with nature, ALPINA manufactures the frames used in all its sports glasses with bioplastics. This advanced material is already being used for a large part of the range, with all other models set to follow in due course.

Doing everything possible

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The DOUBLE JACK PLANET is a flagship project that points to the direction in which future developments are headed. It also has knock-on effect. For example, the new Blackcomb and Nendaz ski goggles, set to be launched in time for the 2023/2024 winter season, are also manufactured using organic frames and foams, as well as straps made from recycled material. As all of the elements used in the ski goggles are manufactured and assembled near to our Bavarian production plants, the carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

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