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With “innovation” at the heart of the brand, cooperation with universities, colleges and research institutes has always been a top priority for uvex. Through the latest collaboration with the University of Erlangen–Nuremberg (FAU) and the Wiso chair for Corporate Sustainable Development, the uvex group is expanding its innovation activities to encompass another future issue: sustainability. Initiated by Marcel v. Beaulieu Marconnay, Head of New Business Development, in close cooperation with the Quality Management/Business Excellence department, Dr Claus-Jürgen Lurz identified four uvex-specific issues in the context of sustainability, which were worked on by around 20 FAU students in the 2021/2022 winter semester.

The following issues formed the focus of the students’ work in collaboration with the Team chair.


1. Designing a circular economy for uvex goggles:
Which tried and tested methods exist in the industry? How can circular economy models for functional goggles be realised?

2. Best practices to monitor CO2 lifecycle KPIs and for communication with stakeholders:
What best practices have been established in the industry to aid companies in complex value chains to demonstrate and communicate their holistic sustainability and CO2 performance?

3. Storytelling for the avoidance of waste through improved regulations
How can factual storytelling make a compelling case for improving current regulations on the need for paper-based user manuals for PPE items?

4. ICT-based solutions for transparent supply chain management:
Wie können Unternehmen Daten und Dokumente entlang der Wertschöpfungskette auf transparente und fälschungssichere Weise austauschen, ohne Unterstützung durch Dritte, sondern auf der Grundlage intelligenter IKT-Lösungen?

How can companies exchange data and documents along the value chain in a transparent and tamper-proof manner based on smart ICT solutions, but without third-party support?

On the recommendation of Prof. Dr Beckmann, uvex safety also assumed the role of practice partner to support the chair for corporate governance, Prof. Dr Sebastian Junge, in the summer semester of 2022.

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