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The innovative products and services for the world market are produced in the company's own plants, many of them in Germany and Europe (production sites worldwide). The entire value-added chain is thus in our own hands - from the product idea and development, through production, to sales. This not only enables the uvex group to act particularly quickly and flexibly, but also to guarantee the high quality standards of its products through its own manufacturing expertise.

In order to reduce its ecological footprint, the uvex group regularly carries out sustainability activities at its production facilities around the world. In the 2021/22 financial year, the following measures were taken at these plants:

GRI 302-4, 302-5, 305-5

Measures taken by our individual plants

uvex safety Cagi, Ceva
  • New software for cleaning the injection moulding machine when changing colour results in material savings of 24%
  • New nozzles can spray re-granulated material into the soles of safety footwear
  • Optimisation of container designs to reduce packaging waste
uvex safety gloves, Lüneburg
  • Waste reduced by 30t across the year on the back of efficiency gains in production and process management.
  • Optimised plunge pool design saves on coating paste
uvex Arbeitsschutz, Fürth
  • Granulate dryers, injection moulding machines and temperature control units replaced, resulting in a total saving of 329 MWh per annum.
  • New photovoltaic system on the production building
  • Biodiversity measures on the business premises
  • Installation of an e-charging station for company vehicles
BSA, Obernzell
  • Comprehensive investigation into the use of recycled and partially recycled materials for moulded foam parts, attachments and outer shells.
  • Procurement of an additional machine that uses 10% less energy with the aim of modernising the plant and increasing energy efficiency.
uvex sports Lederdorn, Lederdorn
  • Switch to lower consumption vehicles in the fleet and a reduction in the kilometres driven per year, with the aim of generating ecological and economic benefits.
  • Replacement of the central material supply with drying functionality in the area of injection moulding, resulting in a more energy efficient production process. Electricity savings stand at 50% in comparison with the previous system.
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